COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Guests, 

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. Here’s how we maintain our picnic experiences safe during this pandemic:

  • Sanitizer and disinfecting wipes used during and before each picnic setup.
  • Option to use disposable cutlery, napkins, paper plates and cups on request.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing of each picnic item after each picnic experience.
  • Our employees were disposable gloves and face masks during the picnic set-up and pack up.
  • Picnic bookings with shared items are booked 2 hours apart to allow for deep clean.
  • All of our dinnerware comes sanitized and wrapped to maintain cleanliness.
  • We ensure any picnic add-on has been prepared and handled with correct sanitary procedures.

Thank you, 

Picnic City Event Planners